On Di, 13 Mär 2018, Nikolay Aleksandrovich Pavlov wrote:

> Conveniently viewing tab-separated file is one thing, assembling is
> entirely another. Who could you share such file except person using
> (Neo)Vim with your patch? Spaces are safer and it is not impossible to
> write a plugin which makes using them easier (also for viewing if you

That is not completely true. The vartabs feature makes it possible to 
view the file in a spread sheet like manner, without changing the file. 
So applications consuming those files will easily function as before. 
Changing the file to use spaces will break those.

Not sure what you mean with exchanging those files. The whole point is 
to have a comfortable way to view those files, without influencing how 
other applications handle those files. People who do not have a variable 
tabstop feature in their editor will simply see those files as before. 
But the same is true for e.g. the breakindent feature.

Aus Lügen, die wir glauben, werden Wahrheiten, mit denen wir leben.
                -- Oliver Hassencamp

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