> make test fails for me too -- in a different place so I started a new email:
> From test_terminal.vim:
> Found errors in Test_terminal_response_to_control_sequence():
> function RunTheTest[38]..Test_terminal_response_to_control_sequence line
> 20: Pattern '\\<\\d\\+R' does not match 'sh-4.3$ R'
> Makefile:40: recipe for target 'report' failed

Hmm, can you try putting a sleep before the "cat Xescape" line?
Or make it like this:

  let buf = Run_shell_in_terminal({})
  call WaitFor({-> term_getline(buf, 1) != ""})

  call writefile(["\x1b[6n"], 'Xescape')
  call term_sendkeys(buf, "cat Xescape\<cr>")

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