On Saturday, April 11, 2015 at 10:30:27 AM UTC+5:30, Yuri wrote:
> Once in a while I get into this after accidentally typing the wrong command:
> # vim some-file | some-cmd
> bash:  some-cmd: command not found
> Vim: Warning: Output is not to a terminal
> ^C
> Ctrl-C doesn't kill vim. So I have to press Ctrl-Z and then have to 
> either 'killall vim', or trying to determine what is the pid of vim to kill.
> Is there any way to make it just die on Ctrl-C in such situation?

Not really, if the pipe makes vim run 'in background' and
having no normal connection to the terminal, it can not be
informed about the ^C.

As long as ONLY THE OUTPUT IS 'invisible', but the input still
is from the terminal, you can end vim normally by ':qa!' BUT
you need to hit <Ctrl-J> (real 'Newline'), not some Return- or
Enter-Key, because there is no mapping then. So simply hitting
exactly ":qa!<Ctrl-J>" (not the ") ends vim correctly.

In my test, if needing Ctr-Z too, I could run 'jobs -l' to show
the stopped 'job' (therein vim), and simply kill vim by pid number.

Dependig on how the shell created the pipe, the shell is still
the parent of that vim, then it's 'parent process' would be the
process id of the shell i.e. The numbber in '$$'.  If your shell
has only the ONE vim as child, you might be able to write a script
to kill such a vim automagically. (e.g. search by 'pstree -p $$' or
simply by piping "jobs -l | vim_kill_script", then finding the
children of the shell, check for 'vim's pid and kill it.


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