On 10-Apr.-2018 20:42, Bram Moolenaar wrote:
John Marriott wrote:

On 08-Apr.-2018 21:08, Bram Moolenaar wrote:
Patch 8.0.1677
Problem:    No compiler warning for wrong format in vim_snprintf().
Solution:   Add printf attribute for gcc.  Fix reported problems.
Files:      src/vim.h, src/proto.h, src/eval.c, src/fileio.c, src/mbyte.c,
              src/ops.c, src/spellfile.c, src/undo.c, src/json.c

After this patch (and 8.0.1679 as well) mingw (32 and 64 bit) throws
these warnings:
Hmm, looks like the attribute isn't implemented correctly for MinGW.
I'll change the #ifdef to exclude it there.

Hi Bram,

Patch 1681 fixes it for me.


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