On Mi, 11 Apr 2018, brucekan...@gmail.com wrote:

> I traced the temp directory by "auditd", I found it's deleted by 
> "gnome-settings-daemon" due to I have set cleanup temp files automatically 
> for protect privacy in gnome-shell.
> now it's clear, gnome-shell cleanup the temp directory for protect privacy, 
> the temp directory lost cause vim fault, it also can explain why everything 
> is ok when I'm root in terminal(gnome-shell belong to normal user can't 
> delete the temp directory which belong to root)
> from technology perspective, it's no problem, /tmp is for temp files
> from product or high level perspective: I'm a linux user, I use vim, and I 
> also need my system protect my privacy, after all, I use other applications 
> too, for current solution, I have to disable cleanup program which protect my 
> privacy if I want vim run well.
> so, should vim improve itself ? Thank you.

Cleaning up /tmp on a running system asks for trouble. Nowadays /tmp is 
usually on a ram disk (tmpfs filesystem) which gets cleaned up 
automatically on reboot, that should be good enough on a desktop pc.

And even if not, I believe most init systems allow for cleaning up on a 
system start. This is preferable to running a job while the system is 
running and will potentially influence running applications that do not 
expect that their temporary data has been wiped out.

So I believe this shouldn't be done on /tmp, for /var/tmp this is an 
entirely different matter and it might make sense here, however deleting 
anything in /tmp or /var/tmp should at least take the last mtime into 

Finally if you do not want to change your system clean up job, you might 
want to set the $TMPDIR environment variable to point to a different 

You also want to define what exactly you mean with protecting your 
privacy here. It is not clear for me, what against you are trying to 
protect, since by default anything below /tmp is only accessible for 
yourself and any well behaving application should cleanup /tmp after it 
is done with its work.

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