Christian wrote:

> here is a patch that fixes and enhances the termdebug plugin.
> Changes:
>      - Make :Termdebug (without argument) an error
>        After all, if no argument is given, what should you debug?

You can start gdb without a program name and then use ":file cmd" to
debug an executable.  I don't think we should disallow that.
>      - If you run :Termdebug several times, the plugin throws "E174: 
>        command already exists", so add the bang argument to it".
>        In addition, make the commands buffer-local.

I don't like making them buffer-local, because it's not unusual to split
the window to look at other parts of the source code.

I do think we should disallow running two debuggers, the plugin isn't
prepared for that.

>      - Arguments supplied to the command line were not used correctly.
>        So in case additional runtime arguments are given, use the
>        "set args" command of gdb to set those arguments. This allows to 
>        run e.g. :Termdebug vim --clean -c ":set nu". Currently I believe
>        gdb will try to literally run "vim --clean -c ":set nu"" which 
>        fails obviously.

The arguments for running the command are to be added to the "run" gdb
command.  The arguments for gdb can be a core file name or a process id.
But that doesn't work now, I'll use part of your change to make that

Anyway, thanks for looking into making the terminal debugger better.

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