On 16/04/2018 14:16, Bram Moolenaar wrote:

I wrote:

Patch 8.0.1723
Problem:    Using one item array size declaration is misleading.
Solution:   Instead of using "[1]" and actually using a larger array, use
             "[]".  This is to verify that this C99 feature works for all
Files:      src/structs.h, src/getchar.c

If you notice a prolem because of this patch, please speak up!
Also if it's just a compiler warning.  We want to know if this C99
feature works for everybody.

The use of unsized arrays as the last member of a structure is supported as an extension in MSVC, at least as far back as VS2008. There are other extensions but finding a list is not trivial. There is the /Za compiler option to disable the extensions, but this throws up a whole new bunch of compiler messages to due extensive use of the extensions in the system include files making spotting issues in vim code a needle in the haystack problem.


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