Saurabh wrote:

> If there are multiple matches to a tag, vim shows a menu where "# pri
> kind tag file" are printed. 
> If I do vim -t tag, the colors of the above menu title and the tag are
> magenta/purple while the filename is in dark blue. Since my background
> is a dark blue, this looks terrible/invisible.
> On doing a :ta tag in vim, the colors are fine. It's a very light
> magenta/pink for the menu title and tag, and light cyan for the
> filename. This looks proper on my dark blue background.
> I have syntax on, colo default and bg=dark in my vimrc. My tags file
> is set in vimrc also, so I know -t is reading the vimrc before it
> processes the tag, but somehow the syntax highlighting colors are
> wrong. Any ideas? Thank you. 

This most likely happens because the terminal isn't fully initialized
yet.  Specifically, may_req_termresponse() is called later, which
figures out details about the terminal.

You can try setting t_Co in your vimrc, e.g.:

        :set t_Co=256

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