On Friday, August 4, 2017 at 10:03:16 AM UTC-7, porphyry5 wrote:
> :h submatch( includes
>         Example: 
>             :s/\d\+/\=submatch(0) + 1/
>         This finds the first number in the line and adds one to it.
> Needing to increment several fields consisting of underscore and a single 
> digit (_\d) I modified the above along the lines of 
>       s/_\(\d\)/\='_'.submatch(1) + 1/gc
> most of which merely replaced the entire field with '1'
> Thinking the problem might be a conflict between the types, string and 
> number, I tried
>     s/_\(\d\)/\="_".nr2char(submatch(1) + 1)/gc
> then
>     s/_\(\d\)/\="_".nr2char(submatch(1) + 31)/gc
> and finally success with
>     s/_\(\d\)/\="_".nr2char(submatch(1) + 49)/gc
> which is limited to operations on just a single digit.
> So, is there a generally reliable method of performing arithmetic on numeric 
> fields embedded in a larger string pattern with :s? Thank you.
> -- 
> Graham Lawrence

Thank you,
works perfectly, and I see what I was trying initially
is actually equivalent to

In the meantime, I read :h substitute( and found
which avoids the problem by making a secondary pattern selection of the number 
alone. But that's more typing, so I will pay attention to operator precedence 
in future.

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