On 02/08/2017 14:49, Erik Christiansen wrote:
On 02.08.17 11:49, Lifepillar wrote:
 From time to time, I need to edit large files (~10^2-10^3 MB).
In my tests, Vim loads large files relatively quickly (~100MB/s).
It's (some) filetype plugins that hog Vim.

For instance, take any large file and change its suffix to have
it recognized as Markdown. After Vim has read it (you'll see
the line/char count in the command line), it gets stuck.

I have tried the LargeFile plugin, but I haven't noticed any

Silly me. I had set g:LargeFile in my vimrc specifying the value in
bytes rather than MB. With a correct threshold, it really does its job.

Any suggestions?

Even having folding enabled can slow things down markedly on big files.
If usable responsiveness is desired, ISTM that all slow stuff simply
needs to be disabled. Even without the decorative frills, Vim offers a
lot of comfort.
Before trying LargeFile.vim, I had set

:syntax off
:set nofoldenable

yet a large Markdown file still hogs Vim. So, for Markdown there must be
something else.


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