On Mi, 09 Aug 2017, ANDY KENNEDY wrote:

> All,
> First, thanks Christian for adding me back to the list ;).

You're welcome.

> Is there a way in Vim to open a :vs, then launch some sort of shell in
> that window?
> I found a couple of different plugins that appear to be loosely what I
> want, but I would rather have something that has been pushed back to
> the Vim.

Currently, Bram is working on including a terminal natively in Vim. So 
you can try to compile yourself a Vim version from the source 
repository, configure it with `--enable-terminal` and in that build Vim 
you can then issue a :term command that runs a shell in that window. 
Read :h terminal.txt for more details.

You can find precompiled binaries at the vim/vim-win32-installer 

But notice, this is work in progress, not everything works there and it 
might have still some rough edges. However feedback is very welcomed at 
the vim-dev list.

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