On 2017-08-11 10:16, Grant Taylor wrote:
> I'd suggest not modifying how Vim behaves / does thing while
> getting started with Vim.
> However that does not extend to unconfigured Vim.  I say this
> because things like line numbers (:set number), search highlighting
> (:set hlsearch), and (syntax highlighting (:syntax on) do not
> modify Vim's behavior, but (I think) they do make Vim a bit more
> friendly.
> IMHO there's a subtle but distinct difference.

Agreed that those are more presentational tweaks rather than
behavioral tweaks (though I tend to only manually enable line-numbers
on the rare occasions I want it, and incsearch/hlsearch tend to annoy
me when unbidden manually).

But I too count myself firmly in the camp of "learn raw vim first, and
only then when you need extra tweaks to improve your workflow, reach
for a plugin/script."

> I have also found some people on Twitter that seem to have some
> impressive VimFu.  Here are some people I recommend, in
> alphabetical order:
> @ed1conf - Vim can do much of what ed does, and ex mode is quite
> similar.
> @gumnos - WONDERFUL resource. Tim is happy to explain the
> odd things that he does in Vim.

And I try to provide similar explanations here too, though without
the 140-character constraints of Twitter, I tend to run a bit verbose
in my replies here on vim_list (as a quick search for my replies in
the list archives will corroborate).

Glad to have you pop up here on the mailing-list.


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