On 09/02/2018 14:32, Bram Moolenaar wrote:

Lifepillar wrote:

On 05/02/2018 22:49, Nikolay Aleksandrovich Pavlov wrote:
2018-02-05 23:31 GMT+03:00 Lifepillar <lifepil...@lifepillar.me>:
I would like to automate the testing of my completion plugin,
so I have started to write functions like this (I am using
a test framework like the one in Vim):

fun! Test_buffer_keyword_completion()
    set completeopt=menuone,noselect
    call feedkeys("ajump ju\<C-X>\<C-N>\<C-N>\<ESC>", "x")
    call assert_equal("jump jump", getline(1))

This test passes (using `vim --clean`), but if I feed this
key sequence instead:

    call feedkeys("ajump ju\<C-X>\<C-N>\<C-P>\<ESC>", "x")

the test fails:

    Expected 'jump jump' but got 'jump ju'

Why is that? If I try the key sequences manually, both give the
same result.

To emulate user input you must add `t` to the flags, there are some
differences between handling input from user and input from mappings
and without `t` you are emulating the latter. I could not list all the
differences though.

Adding "t" does not seem to make a difference in this case. This is a
simplified way to reproduce the difference:

    vim --clean
    :set completeopt=menuone,noselect
    :call feedkeys("ajump ju\<C-X>\<C-N>\<C-N>\<ESC>", "tx")
    :call feedkeys("ajump ju\<C-X>\<C-N>\<C-P>\<ESC>", "tx")

As I said, manual typing does not show any difference (the result is
"jump jump" in both cases). Am I missing something?
I am using Vim 8.0.1450.

This happens because Vim checks for typed keys while finding matches.
It then sees the CTRL-P before the first completion is found, causing it
to stick to "ju".

When sourcing a script with Normal mode commands, there is an extra
check that prevents the completion to be aborted.  I think we should do
the same when using feedkeys(), as it's a very similar thing.  And it's
very difficult to do this in another way.

However, this may break completion plugins.  Or make them work better,
hard to predict.  I can make the change for this and await reports...

I have tried patch 1482 and tests like the above now work as expected.
I have tested my plugin (which uses feedkeys()) and I have found no regressions. Great job!

Unfortunately, I still have some problems when I test my plugin's
mappings. I have traced back the issue to the following:

  fun! s:dup_complete()
    " Get the text in front of the cursor
    return getline('.')[0:col('.') - 2]

  fun! Test_dup_completion()
    imap <buffer> <expr> <silent> <plug>(Dup) <sid>dup_complete()
    call feedkeys("ajump\<plug>(Dup)", "tx")
    call assert_equal("jumpjump", getline(1))

It seems that in s:dup_complete() getline('.') is always empty and
col('.') is always 1. Is there anything I can do about it?

(The idea is that my plugin gets the text in front of the cursor to
decide how to proceed with completion.)


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