On Do, 22 Feb 2018, Frantz Baustier wrote:

> >> Ruby is install in C:\Ruby24 and the bin folder containing the 
> >> msvcrt-ruby240.dll is in %PATH%.
> >> 
> >> I also tried to put in my vimrc file set 
> >> rubydll="C:\Ruby24\bin\msvcrt-ruby240.dll" but I got the following error :
> > 
> > did you actually use :set rubydll="..."
> > 
> > That does not work, since the `"` is the command character in vim.
> You’re right! But I tried with ‘ and IT doen’t work, sale error message

Do not use quotes at all when using :set
:set has its own quoting rules, you need to escape whitespace, bars, 
commas and backslashes. So you would have to use something like this:
:set rubydll=C:\\Ruby24\\bin\\msvcrt-ruby240.dll

It is usually easier to avoid all those escaping issues by using the 
:let form (:h :let-option):

:let &rubydll='C:\Ruby24\bin\msvcrt-ruby240.dll'

However make sure to use single quotation marks, as otherwise 
backslashes have to be doubled and might mean something different than 
intended (see :h expr-quote)

BTW: Have you tried the answer from Ken (quoting from 

| Could you try adding C:\Ruby24\bin and also 
| C:\Ruby24\bin\ruby_builtin_dlls to the PATH environment? (If you use 
| 64-bit Vim, replace Ruby24 with Ruby24-x64.)


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