@Arun, I have tested your code in deep. It is working perfectly. What I have 
found is little trouble in the case when first line include the change.

aaa ccc
aaa ccc

aaa bbb
aaa bbb

If cursor is in file1 at first line first column, diff enabled and pressing ]x 
I expect cursor to jump to first line first c letter, but it jumps to second 
line first c character. It looks this problem only appears if difference is in 
first line. If difference is any other line but first one the problem does not 

@Rick, thanks for providing the info about diffchar plugin. I tested it and it 
is awesome. I will definitely use it for projects when I work with code. But 
for projects where I analyze huge data files like long lines and 3000+ rows, 
this plugin is understandably little bit slow. Thanks.

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