Le vendredi 23 février 2018 18:43:35 UTC+1, Igor Forca a écrit :
> @Arun, I have tested your code in deep. It is working perfectly. What I have 
> found is little trouble in the case when first line include the change.
> File1:
> aaa ccc
> aaa ccc
> File2:
> aaa bbb
> aaa bbb
> If cursor is in file1 at first line first column, diff enabled and pressing 
> ]x I expect cursor to jump to first line first c letter, but it jumps to 
> second line first c character. It looks this problem only appears if 
> difference is in first line. If difference is any other line but first one 
> the problem does not appear.
> @Rick, thanks for providing the info about diffchar plugin. I tested it and 
> it is awesome. I will definitely use it for projects when I work with code. 
> But for projects where I analyze huge data files like long lines and 3000+ 
> rows, this plugin is understandably little bit slow. Thanks.

Windows' like F3 key :

nnoremap <expr> <F3>     &diff ? ']c':''
nnoremap <expr> <S-F3>   &diff ? '[c':''

works fine and similar to Windows search.

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