Christian Brabandt wrote:

> On Fr, 02 Mär 2018, Bram Moolenaar wrote:
> > 
> > Well, is down again.  We have had direct responses from
> > SourceForge, thus it's not like they don't care.  They try hard to make
> > it work, but it still doesn't.
> > 
> > I think it is time we seriously look into the alternative: moving to
> >  I would like to have two volunteers who take the current
> > website and make it work on OSDN.  Then we can check that it actually
> > works there.
> > 
> > The website looks old (it is old), but let's not try to redesign it at
> > the same time, since that will take an unknown amount of time.  Thus it
> > would mean taking the existing PHP code, setup the database, and
> > whatever else is needed to configure it.
> > 
> > Skills required:
> > - Experience with PHP and MySQL stuff.
> > - Have time available now (and preferably later for maintenance).
> > - Trustworthy, be responsible with users private data.
> > 
> > I would prefer at least person we know well from Vim work.
> > 
> > Please respond to this thread if you are interested.
> Nobody responded yet, so let me offer my time.
> I haven't worked with php and mysql for a couple of years, but I think I 
> should be able to get it work. I should be able to spend some time in 
> the evenings for this.

Thanks Christian!  Let's discuss details in another thread.

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