Hello Vimmers,

Vim users are asked to support a project in Uganda, and many have
donated money in 2017.  The ICCF foundation takes care of this and the
financial report is now available, see the attachment.  Also available
in Dutch: http://www.iccf.nl/jaarrekening2017nl.pdf

I am very thankful for the support!  The amount went up a bit compared
to the previous year, and we managed to lower the cost down to 0.5%.

The donations are used to keep the school and clinic running and make
sure the children are healthy and complete their education.

We continue to support children from very young, in nursery school,
until they complete their education.  Some finished university last
year, while others only just started to learn to read and write.

Are leaders born or made?  And if they're made, can we return them under
                                (Scott Adams - The Dilbert principle)

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