* Marvin Renich <m...@renich.org> [190910 14:56]:
> My opinion is that the defaults.vim file should only set options that
> almost all vim users will want, and should stay completely away from
> options that are "personal taste" (i.e. leave them with the vim internal
> default settings).  The most noticeable option that bothers me is the
> scrolloff setting.  Some people like it, and some, like me, are bothered
> by having it non-zero.  The vim default has been 0 (the vi compatible
> behavior) since the beginning of time^Wvim.  A non-zero value was added
> to defaults.vim, I suppose when vim started conditionally sourcing that
> file.  To repeat myself, defaults.vim should not set any options where
> there is a wide variety of personal preference.
Thanks for taking the words out of my mouth.

After a fresh install of a raspbian, I was *highly* confused by these
"defaults" and tempted to use emacs. No, joke! But still...

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