Considering this command :
cd /d D:/Softs/Vim/vim81 && D:/Softs/Vim/vim81/7za.exe a 
"C:/Users/foo.bar/desktop/archive Name.7z" "d:/Work/Foo/Bar/archive Path 

call system(command) is a success with "archiv Name.7z" present.
job_start(command) returns process 0 fail

Executables are running under windows 10
gvim 8.1.2383 in 32bits
7za.exe in 32bits version with 7za.dll associated

I have tried to put a MyHandler callback on my job_start without any result.

  fun! MyHandler(channel, msg) "{{{
>   echomsg string(a:msg)
>   endfunction "}}}
>   let options = {
> \ "callback": "MyHandler",
>         \ 'timeout': 30000
>         \}
>   let jobid = job_start(cmd, options) | echomsg jobid

How can I fix that ?
Thank you

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