On 2020-05-22, Joseph <kingcanut...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Is there an easy way to dump the error list to the current vim
> buffer/window?
> Actually, is there a general way to do this for other commands too?

I use this code, which you may adapt to your needs:

    " Send the output of a Vim command to a new scratch buffer.
    " Example: :call lf_run#vim_cmd('digraphs')
    fun! lf_run#vim_cmd(cmd)
      botright 10new
      setlocal buftype=nofile bufhidden=wipe nobuflisted noswapfile nowrap
      call append(0, split(execute(a:cmd), "\n"))

    " Execute a Vim command and send the output to a new scratch buffer
    command! -complete=command -nargs=+ VimCmd call lf_run#vim_cmd(<q-args>)

So, try:

    :VimCmd clist

Hope this helps,

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