That version only supports PPC Macintosh. Palm was very quick to drop 68K 
support. Some searching found that only the earliest Palm Desktop versions were 
for 68K, but I was unable to find any of them. Macintosh Garden doesn't have 
it, nor does Macintosh Repository.

You might get it to work with Claris Organizer, which 3Com bought way back when 
and made over into the original Palm Desktop.Here's a contact manager that 
supports Palm

A few things here You'll 
also need a serial cradle for the Centris or a serial to Infrared adapter for 
synching. IIRC the Visor supports both serial and USB, unlike earlier models 
from Palm that use a USB to serial adapter in their USB cradles and cables.

      From: Louis Ciotti <>
 To: Vintage Macs <> 
 Sent: Monday, September 19, 2016 7:10 PM
 Subject: Palm Desktop on Centris w/System 7.6.1
Hello all,

I am attempting to get my old Handspring Visor connected to My Centris 660av.  
I am running 7.6.1, and when I attempt to install the Palm software, the palm 
desktop is greyed out.  From the manual, It should work with OS 7.5.3 or 
greater.  Any thoughts?  

I am able to install it on my G4 running OS9 from the same media.


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