To get any video capture to work on a NuBus Mac with the slow SCSI Apple used, 
you need at least a pair of fast hard drives and software like FWB Hard Disk 
Toolkit to RAID 0 stripe them. Even better is having two separate SCSI buses 
and striping the RAID across drives on both.
I used to have a Radius 81/110 tower with Media 100 boards. The only way to get 
it to work was an FWB RAID 0 across four drives, two on the internal only bus 
and two on the external/internal bus. All the drives had to be Fast SCSI2. 
Initially I had one IBM drive that looked all slick and expensive and fast, yet 
benchmarked at a pitiful 1 megabyte/second write speed. When its turn came in 
the array, *kachunk*! Too slow. After replacing that one it was finally able to 
maintain the higher than 4MB/sec write speed to capture NTSC video at 150K per 
frame. Thanks to Apple's foulup with the SCSI hardware in the x100 series 
(which was replicated in all the clones, and only partly fixed in the 110Mhz 
models) Media 100 could not use a NuBus SCSI controller like the ones from ATTO 
or FWB.

   So what some people would do is use a Quadra 950AV or 840AV with a fancy 
SCSI card and whatever ADB dongle was required to enable highest quality 
capture, then move the captured video over to a PowerMac and second M100 kit 
with all the dongles to enable all features for editing, doing FX, rendering 
etc. Extra expensive having two M100 kits, but you could have one person just 
minding the raw capturing system while an editor edited.
On Thursday, May 17, 2018, 4:15:00 AM MDT, Kevin <> wrote:  
 I bought a Centris 660AV in August 1993 as an upgrade to my IIci. Actually, i 
wanted the 840AV but they were not in stock and i was in a rush so went with 
the 660. Much to my chagrin, it did not work well with a number of my software 
titles of the time. If i recall correctly, i had to use the little control 
panel to turn off the 040 cache in order to make MOST of my software work 
(MacroModel and Infini-D). Later version of the software made the machine much 
more usable although the video capture was all but useless, even with a faster 
Micropolis drive. That being said, i do remember grabbing some video frames 
with it.

Still got her up and running back home. Kinda kool to have a machine that was 
technically only sold for a few months. Thanks for the flashback.  

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