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> I realize that in my last message concerning this
> topic, i did not 
> furnish enough information so; so here goes :
> -at this time my only Internet computer happens to
> be a PC running XP

You need to edit the settings for file handling in
Firefox to always download .hqx, .bin and .sit instead
of trying to display them. I don't have Firefox, but
in Netscape I set them to Application/Octet Stream
or something like that. Otherwise the @[EMAIL PROTECTED]@
browser will display/download them as 7bit ASCII text.

HQX files are 7bit ASCII text, so if you just let the
browser display the entire file, then save it, then
rename the file so it has only .hqx as an extention
and a filename 32 characters or less (including the
.hqx extention) then dragging and dropping onto
Stuffit Expander should work.

BIN (MacBinary) files are 8bit ASCII text, so anything
that "converts" them to 7bit by stripping the last
bit of each byte will corrupt them.

SIT files aren't ruined by losing their resource
forks. Later versions of Expander are smart enough
to look for the .sit filename extention and will
automatically create a resource fork with icon
when opening the .sit file.

SEA files should never be downloaded to anything
but a Mac unless they're encoded to .bin or .hqx
because most of the time losing their resource
fork makes them un-extractable.

If you find unencoded Mac files (other than .sit)
on a server, it's a tossup whether or not you can
get them downloaded OK to a Mac, even if the server
is a Mac or some other OS with special support for
Mac files installed.

IMHO (and the HO's of many other people) the Apple
Double file format was one of Apple's dumbest moves.
It's caused problems with cross-platform
from the beginning of the Macintosh.

There is an Apple Single file format that combines
the resource and data forks into the same file,
but the only software I know of that uses it on
a common scale is Quicktime.

A Quicktime MOV file, playable on Windows, has its
resource fork prepended to the front of the data
fork. This is called "flattening" the movie.
But you can play MOV files on Windows without
flattening if you copy both forks to the same folder
and put a .qtr extention on the resource fork and a
.mov extention on the data fork.

It would be nice if all these non-IE browsers were
set to default to DOWNLOAD _all_ unrecognized
filetypes instead of trying to DISPLAY them. When
Internet Explorer encounters a filetype it doesn't
know how to handle, it asks the user what to do
instead of trying to display it in a window.

It will be total Fandemonium, Summer 2005!
Check website for further info.

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