The hood latch (receiver) on my '72 SB has a fracture so I thought I should
replace it before the finger breaks.


The original equipment latch receiver (152 823 509-B) is CLOSED at rest and
OPENS when the cable is actuated.  This allows the lid to pop up when the
inside lever is moved. The hood pushbutton then releases the safety pin so
the hood can be lifted.


The aftermarket replacement is Made in Brazil. It carries the correct VW
number, 152 823 509-B. But unlike the OE latch, it is OPEN when at rest (i.
e., no tension on cable) and CLOSES when the cable is actuated. This
prevents the lid from being raised even when the inside lever is moved. 


It seems to me that the new Brazilian replacement (it has a logo of a
circled K in a horseshoe on it) is exactly the opposite of what is needed. I
sure don't want to install it as-is.


Am I missing something important? I got the replacement latch at a swap
meet, sealed in a Wolfsburg West baggie.


Bert Knupp in Music City USA

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