Yes, and I get them by the baggie from the VW parts houses. Just wondering 
whether plastic subs are available...less likely to scratch paint.B
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    Hi. You are aware these still exist then correct?

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Volks, We all know the little metal compression clips that hold our beetles’ 
door panels to the metal doors. They work okay, though they can break from 
metal fatigue after a while. Or rust. Or get lost. Has anybody discovered any 
substitute clip that performs the same service, using the 10 mm holes in the 
masonite panels and the 8 mm holes in the door metal (I’m going from memory 
here, y’all)?  There are zillions of little plastic upholstery clips at every 
FLAPS, and maybe just one fits old VWs. Any experiences to report? Bert Knupp 
in Music City USA

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