Dear listers

We are all very familiar with the experience of roaming around our phone 
screens by touch. I just heard on FSCast that Jaws version 18 will provide 
mouse echoing as you roam around by touch on a trackpad, as well as 
improvements to the touch interface for tablets, and that prompted me to ask 
you all about how it works on the Mac. 

I have been getting used to the Mac for many months now but have never really 
used the trackpad apart from a certain few gestures that are very convenient 
(like turning the screen curtain on and off) and otherwise I just use the 
keyboard for all navigation. However I’d like to be able to roam around the 
trackpad as if it were a full representation of the contents of my monitor 
(just like on the phone) and I was wondering if this is possible. 

With the trackpad commander on it seems to behave a certain way and with it off 
a different way (probably more like what I’m after) but I’m not sure if either 
are exactly comparable to roaming around on the phone. 

It may also be that the complex nature of windowed applications are causing 
confusion and that possibly moving over something that was behind the front 
window suddenly makes it come to the fore. I’m really not sure but would 
appreciate people’s tips.

For info I have it set to mouse pointer moves VoiceOver cursor in VO settings – 
the other settings don’t seem to be relevant.

Thanks, Robin

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