Hi, Mary!

I believe it was 8.

Regarding upgrading to larger phone my experience is I typed better on 4S than I type now on 6S Plus.

I'm experienced in Braille typing, started way back with Braille Touch and MBraille and with BSI from iOS 8 and I was better on small display.

Braille Screen Input is nice but, unfortunately, I'm sticking with MBraille since BSI still doesn't support my language and I can't preview the text without leaving the Braille Input mode. I'm using it for short notes or messages when I skip diacritic characters but for more serious work I can't live without MBraille.

I also miss the clicks while I'm typing and I don't want to hear the letters Itype. Try it out and if you'd like it my suggestion is to purchase MBraille.

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16.9.2016. u 18:03, Mary Otten je napisao/la:
Which version of iOS saw the introduction of on screen braille input? I am newly interested in this mode, because I will be getting a larger phone, and because you can now use contracted braille. But I need to go back and find a basic tutorial on it's methodology. I thought it was iOS 9, but my quick perusal of Jonathan's iOS 9 book didn't turn that up. So it must've been iOS 8, or my search wasn't thorough enough.

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