OK, I finally got a useful answer from a higher level of support. I reported a 
few times that I couldn't set up my personal Outlook.com email account in the 
Outlook mobile app for iOS because it kept telling me my email address or 
password were wrong. I have 2-step verification turned on for this account and 
was under the impression I had to use a so-called app specific password which 
you get by logging onto to your Microsoft account and you generate these app 
specific passwords in the security settings area. I should add that with the 
native iOS Mail app you do have to use one of these. Anyhow, this second level 
support person told me that Outlook fully supports 2-step authentication and 
all I had to do is use my email address, the normal password for my account and 
at that point the app asked me for the 6-digit security code generated by my 
authenticator app. I use the app Authy for this so I left the Outlook account 
setup screen, opened up Authy, checked which passcode it gave me (they always 
are valid for a period of 30 seconds before they expire and a new code is 
given) and I then went back to Outlook and typed it in. After that all was 
well, my Outlook.com email now works as does my business email which is an 
exchange account via Office 365 for business.

There is definitely also no longer any problem with typing text into the 
message body of an email and being able to review it. I would say at this point 
Outlook seems fully accessible.

Threads are handled differently in Outlook, it's a bit hard to explain and I 
don't have the time right now to do so, but it's all accessible.

One nice feature is that if you tap on the files tab you get a list of all 
available email attachments and of course you have access to your OneDrive 
folder and, if you set it up, you can also connect your Dropbox, Google Drive 
and other storage accounts.

One thing I have not figured out yet, if it is in fact possible is whether you 
can add/edit contacts. There is the "People" tab which shows me all the 
contacts from my business and personal email accounts, but I can't seem to find 
any place where I can edit them or add or delete contacts.

All  in all Outlook is a good app and very accessible, it has more 
functionality in some ways but I find it also requires a few more steps and 
taps to accomplish certain things. One thing I really like with the native mail 
app is how I can customize which mailboxes I see right away, in Outlook you can 
get to your Inbox easily, there is an All Mail option you can turn on which 
then shows you all your mail from any accounts you set up in a unified Inbox, 
but as far as I can tell you don't have the option for an Unread mailbox or to 
stick a particular folder right on your list of mailboxes. I am, for example, 
subscribed to the Woodworking for the Blind mailing list and I set up a filter 
so all messages that come from that list go into a mailbox I set up for this. 
In the native Mail app I can put this mailbox right underneath my Inbox even 
though it's hidden 3 levels down in my mail folders.

I am currently using the native Mail app for my personal Outlook.com email 
address and I have both my business email and personal email set up in Outlook, 
so basically I am duplicating the personal email address. I'll use it for a 
while side by side, but as much as I like Outlook for certain features, I still 
like the iOS Mail app for it's simplicity and as far as I am concerned I 
actually like this new thread/conversation feature where you use the Messages 
rotor option to flick through a conversation.

Anybody who thinks they would like to try Outlook should do so, the nice thing 
is that you can set it up and still continue the native mail app and you can 
then compare and decide for yourself if it's for you or not. But as I said, 
it's definitely fully accessible and a valid alternative at this point. One 
other thing I must say for this particular support team is that the response 
time if you send a support request via the Help and Feedback option in Settings 
is nothing less than astonishing. I usually have received replies within hours 
and sometimes minutes after sending in a question or replied to an existing 
support issue. It's like a chat thing where you see your initial request and 
all their responses and your responses, very nice.

Best regards,

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