In anticipation of upgrading my iPhone 6 to iOS 10 later this week, I
upgraded my iTunes for Windows on my Windows 7 PC to the latest version, I am using ZoomText Magnifier/Reader almost exclusively in
reading mode so be aware that my results could vary significantly from those
using other screen readers.


I wanted to report a couple of positives at least with respect to what
ZoomText is reading in this latest version. With focus on my iPhone in the
Summary Settings, I note that the battery percentage charge is now spoken by
ZoomText. Unfortunately, I had to hover my mouse over the battery picture to
get ZoomText to speak since tabbing did not cause spoken output of the
battery level. I don't know if this will be changed for other screen readers
but in the version 12.4.x I was running before upgrading, nothing was spoken
for the battery charge level whether hovering with the mouse or not.


Another difference I noted with this version is in the iTunes Apps Updates
screen. ZoomText was a bit squirrely in what it announced when not using the
mouse to place focus on the apps to be updated. When tabbing an using the
arrow keys, I could visually tell the app having focus because it would
enlarge slightly but ZoomText didn't speak the app name. When I placed focus
on the app with the mouse, ZoomText would announce the app name. The next
tab would read me information about the update including its version number,
date, and size and none of this was announced by ZoomText in my 12.4.x


I realize the above is fairly minor but I'm at least a bit encouraged that
some marginal progress concerning accessibility seems to be being made. I
would recommend that others try the latest version with your screen readers
to see if you note any improvements.


Alan Lemly

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