Dear listers

I asked Rene Ritchie (anyone who listens to Twit or Apple Talk or reads will know who I’m talking about) who has a pair of AirPods on loan 
prior to their launch to test them for lag when using VO on his iPhone 7. He 
very kindly had a go and here is our DM exchange on Twitter. It’s not 
conclusive but moderately encouraging:

Me: Hiya. I'd really appreciate it if you could fire up VoiceOver and see if 
there is any noticable lag when flicking right/left through items on the screen 
when using AirPods. The one showstopper for VO users would be any lag using VO. 

Rene: I played around with it a little but I’ll get some regular headphones and 
airpods and see if I can find a difference. My one word of caution is that 
these are preproduction hardware and may not reflect what the final shipping 
version can do.

Rene: I tried it and I think there’s still a little BT lag, though I’m really 
bad at judging this stuff and I’d hate to give anyone the wrong impression. The 
magic, as I understand it, is mostly in connecting and keeping the two buds in 
sync. I’m not sure how much they can do to improve the speed of BT.

Me: Thanks *so* much. The very fact that you're unsure as to whether/how much 
tells me volumes. It sounds like it may well be on the right side of acceptable 
which is all we needed to know. If when flicking through items on the home 
screen, say, you had noticed definite lag then this would be conclusive - but 
the very fact that you aren't sure sounds promising. My £20 BT headset has 
something around 0.5-0.75s delay per swipe and it makes it incredibly 
frustrating to use. This sounds v different. I'll report this back to the 

Rene: Sorry - I’m *really* bad at audio. The opposite of a golden ears :)

Thanks, Robin

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