Hello again everyone,

Here is my last email, and question for now.

Quite a while back, I don't remember how long ago now, I had the Serious 
app on my phone. I only took the trial. I never purchased it, because I 
didn't feel the app was all that accessible. I found it difficult to get 
to channels, or to know what channel I was on.

Plus, I realized that they were not as commercial free as they once 
were, back in the day. I had a receiver in about 2004. LOL!

Anyway, has the app improved at all?

For people who have this, would it be worth purchasing?

I currently have a monthly subscription to Spotify, which I love!

I also have a pro, or maybe it is a premium, I can't remember how that 
works, subscription to Tune-in. I really enjoy this as well, and it's 
not very expensive.

Would I be better off just sticking with these 2 apps?

Thank you for any thoughts, or suggestions.


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