Hi, Terri.

I'm a regular user of the Amazon Video app and so I will try and answer 
your questions.

> >A friend was telling me about Amazon Video. They were saying that the
> app was free, that you only pay for what you download.
The app itself is free. How much free content you get depends on whether 
you're a member of Amazon Prime. If you're a Prime member, Amazon 
provides a good deal of free content from its video library. If you're 
not a Prime member, I don't believe the app offers anything in the way 
of free content. In either case, Amazon has a selection of movies and TV 
shows that you can purchase or rent.

> >Is it pretty reasonably priced to rent a movie?
> I believe so but it's been a while since I've looked at rental prices.

> >They said you can buy movies as well.
> Yes.

> >Can you purchase tv shows?
> Yes. You can either purchase individual episodes or entire seasons.

> >I would imagine that this would be pretty expensive, though?
It depends on the movie or TV show. Some seasons might only cost $15-20, 
some might be more expensive. You should visit Amazon's site and look at 
prices for Instant Video, which is what you're looking for when it comes 
to the app. Unfortunately, you can't use the app itself to purchase 
content, although you can use it to search for it.
> >And I would imagine all that video would take up a lot of room?
> Does anything you purchase, have to stay on your device?
All shows and movies can be streamed and so they won't take up any extra 
space. They can be downloaded for offline listening/viewing but this 
isn't the default.

> >And of course, is this app pretty accessible?
It is quite accessible. The only issue you'll have a problem with is 
their list of premium channels for renting content. Instead of reading 
the name of the channel, VoiceOver just says "opens the landing view."

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