In our case we have the same numbers we've always had. We both got our iPhones at the same time and those messages then became iMessages. But when I switched back to Android for a bit and was no longer using the iPhone, I couldn't get messages from her anymore. So this would be a bad thing in the event that something happened to your iPhone and you had to temporarily go to a backup device for a few days. I'm back to my iPhone now. I just switched to Android for the weekend.

On 10/17/2016 8:19 AM, Paul Richard McGann wrote:
to all,

I would rather leave imessage mode alone. it is very helpful identifiying people who use iphones and other people who don't use iphones. I know which one.also it would help you being aware thatpeople who use iphone are out of wifias it means these ones are out of wifi ranges and become text. I would not objec.t it is very helpful.

gordon, my sister, nieces and friends use samsung, asteroids and othersas I know the identifiy as I can see text. and I can see my other reliatives and special friends who use iphone, and it reads imessage. it is more likek aim. hope this helps you.


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You will need to turn off the read receipt off. That is the reason is that
Apple is saying that in the case for nonApple will not be able to get it
when some android phones will not be able to receive them via text messages.

Hope this help you.


Scott Dollar

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Try turning off iMessages and see if that helps. She can also send her
messages to you as text messages by holding on the message and selecting
'send as text message'

On 10/17/2016 5:16 AM, Gordon wrote:
So both me and my GF have iPhones. I temporarily switched to my Android
phone for a while. I can send her text messages and she gets them just
fine. However I don't get her text messages because it sends them as
iMessages. We tried everything, but it wont go back to regular sms
messages for me. Is there a way to tell the system that I'm not
currently using my iPhone and that it needs to see me as an sms instead
of iMessage?

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