Hello everyone,

I understand what is likely wrong, from an earlier post I read.

If my volume is turned down, how do I go about fixing this?

Once I get it fixed, how do I get back in to the App to set it to where 
mute is off?

I just wanted to see how it would work on my Ipad Mini, because I may 
use it that way at times.

When I get seri to come on, I tell her to turn on voiceover. She tells 
me it's on. While she is telling me this, I attempt to turn the volume 
up. But of course, it is up. For that anyway.

I remember having this happen on my phone once, not too long ago. 
Someone told me how to fix it, and it worked. But now I don't remember 
what caused that issue in the first.

Any help with this problem would be much appreciated. I can't believe I 
did this. But I have to kind of laugh at myself.

Thank you,


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