I don't currently own a Neato robotic vacuum, but I'm interested and of course 
was not optimistic when I read recently that accessibility of the Neato app has 
taken a step backwards in recent updates. This makes me wonder if they decide 
to release an update in a month or in 2 or next year which will make the app 
completely inaccessible. Then I spent several hundred Dollars extra to get a 
connected vacuum for nothing. I decided to write to Neato via their website. I 
actually also called their support and explained to the person who answered 
what I was after. He was actually sympathetic and promised he would bring this 
up with management or his supervisor, but he als encouraged me to send in 
feedback via the website. In my message I explained about Voiceover and how 
many large companies like Apple, Google and others are putting significant 
efforts and resources towards accessibility but also that individual developers 
must do their part. I explained what I heard about the Neato app regarding 
accessibility and asked if Neato Robotics would not take a look at the 
resources that Apple makes available on their developer portal regarding 
accessibility guidelines and so on. The first reply I received totally missed 
the point and the customer service person asked if I was tryingt o control 
Neato with Alexa or voice commands. I wrote another email again describing what 
Voiceover is and does and below is the reply I received:

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Dermot (Neato Robotics)
Dec 1, 14:11 UTC
Good Morning Mr Weizel .
I have read your mail and unfortunately at this time can I help you.
There may be a work around via Alexa.
This can be Purchased from Amazon
you can give voice commands to the Neato  via Alexa.
It is a similar to Siri,
There is a link to Amazons site.
You can give Alexa  Voice commands to clean cycles .

I hope this can be of assistance to you

Have a nice day
Neato Robotics Customer Care

I just replied that this message is not at all helpful and that I am not 
willing to accept it as is. I told the guy that just because I am blind I 
should not be expected to spend another $180 on top of an already expensive 
product just so I can use said product. Furthermore I told him that I am in 
Canada and Amazon Canada does not even offer the Echo here and it is not 
officially supported. I asked that my message is forwarded to a higher level of 
support or a manager/supervisor. Given by the guys English it is obvious that 
he probably sits in some call/response centre in India or the Philippines and I 
am curious as to whether I get a reply from somebody else now or if it ends 

I can only encourage all who own a Neato and all who are interested as well as 
all who simply like to support something which will benefit all in the long run 
to take a few minutes and write their request to make the Neato app more 
accessible. If Neato suddenly receives 20 or 30 or 50 requests they maybe take 
it more seriously than if they receive 2 or 3. Below is the email address and 
toll free phone number for the US, for those who use social media like Twitter 
and Facebook more than I do it probably is also a good idea to post there. I 
think this can be effective since posts and replies can be seen by everybody so 
an unhelpful reply like the email above is probably not a good thing for any 
company. Here now the info:

Customer care email:
Toll Free: +1-877-296-3286

Best regards,

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