Hello everybody,

I mentioned in an earlier message to the list that I added the app onto my 
iPad. I said that I thought it locked my iPad up, or possibly turned the volume 
down. Or maybe I just said it locked it up? I can't remember for sure now.

Anyway, somebody on the list was very kind, and told me that most likely the 
volume have been turned way down, and someone else tried to help me figure out 
how to get the volume back up. Well I could never figure out how to swipe up 
the screen, and get the volume to turn up. So I asked my friend Randy, who is 
cited, if he would help me.

It turns out, all he had to do was hold the volume up button, and the volume 
came up. The weird thing about it was, that I had no voiceover, but when I 
tried dictation, that would make noise. So that was strange to me. So now I 
have the volume up, and I muted it in the app, like the kind person suggested. 
So now all is well when I open the app.
However, there are still some issues, but it seems a little easier and ways to 
use the app on my iPad. When the shows came on, it was obviously on the channel 
A&E, because the first 48 was on. This was the channel it started with, when I 
set it up on my Apple TV yesterday. I also got it to somehow play back to the 
future, which was awesome! But I couldn't tell what channel that was on. Now 
here is my big question. I'm hoping somebody can help me. But I'm not sure if 
anyone can.

My friend Randy was looking at the screen, trying to help me figure some things 
out. He could see where you could add shows to your watch list, and he could 
see button that said shows, movies, and networks.

However, there was no picture for him. He thought he was seeing advertisements, 
but I told him what he was saying was other listings for shows.
I want him to be able to watch stuff with me. But how can I fix it so it still 
work for me, but he can view the shows? Does anyone know how

Thank you in advance for anyone who can possibly help me.


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