Since I've been asking a lot of questions about the app, I figured I'd
offer everyone my preliminary conclusions about how effective each of its
functions are.

Short Text: This has proven really handy for certain things, especially
getting an idea of what a document is likely to be or sorting through
things that feel identical. I don't usually get very accurate results;
oftentimes it will read some text coherently but a lot of gibberish.
Nevertheless, I've been able to make good use of it.

Document: I would say this is just below KNFB Reader in effectiveness.
Right now I'm glad I have both. When Seeing AI works, it works really well,
and it's extremely helpful to have it maintain the format of a document. It
seems to have the most trouble with smaller, non 8x11 documents like
receipts. Useful, but still has a ways to go.

Product: I have had virtually no luck with this at all. Typically the
result I get is a series of rapid beeps, and no matter which way I move the
camera after that it will never scan the actual bar code. And unlike the
document channel, it doesn't give any indication of where I need to move
the camera. I've typically used short text if I need to try and see what a
product is, though I often can't get a lot of the nutritional information.

Person/scene: These still seem like semi-novelties to me, but they both
work surprisingly well. The best use I get out of them is examining photos
that I receive from other people or see on Twitter. It can be a nice aid in
figuring out what the photo likely is.

I have also found the short text function works well for recognizing text
embedded in screenshots.

So, all in all, the best Seeing AI function seems to be recognition of
electronic photos. The short text and document functions need a lot of work
to really be usable in everyday situations, and the product channel is
currently completely useless (forget even getting beeps when trying to
recognize a can of some kind.)

If anyone has disagreements I'd love to hear them.

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