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5 phone accessories that make travel easier - CNET
Your phone is already the hub of every trip you take: the carrier of
boarding passes and hotel reservations; the holder of books and movies to
help pass the time; the conduit through which travel photos are shared on
social media.
All by itself, it makes travel easier. But with a few key accessories, you
can travel more easily with your phone. Let's take a look at the items worth
adding to your carry-on bag.

A mobile charger with wall prongs
Some mobile chargers, like this one from MyCharge, have built-in wall prongs
and cables.
Photo by Rick Broida/CNET 
Here's a no-brainer: You need a mobile power bank to keep your phone
running. These come in all shapes and sizes, but the vast majority require
you to BYO wall plug so you can recharge the charger. That's a hassle: one
more thing to remember, one more thing cluttering up your bag.
That's why I always choose a charger that can plug right into the wall. For
example, the Romoss UP10 (currently $30 on Amazon) features a 10,000mAh
battery, dual USB ports (a 1-amp and a 2.1-amp) and folding wall prongs. And
it can charge your phone while it's plugged in and recharging itself.
More convenient still, the MyCharge HubPlus series provides power, wall
prongs and built-in charge cables: Apple Lightning and Micro-USB, for
example, or Micro-USB and USB-C. Of course, there's also a standard USB port
for connecting your own cable if need be. These are pricey, usually between
$60 and $100, but also compact and super-convenient.

A 2-in-1 sync/charge cable
The Zeus Dual Charger magically fuses a Lightning and Micro-USB connector
onto the same plug.
One cable to rule them all. That's the idea behind the Zeus Dual Charger, a
fairly standard-looking USB cord -- except that it has a Micro-USB and
Lightning connector integrated onto a single plug!
I've never seen this before; most 2-in-1 cables just have two separate tips
(usually with one nested into the other or the two side-by-side). Here
you've got a single braided 6-foot cable that can plug into an Apple device
or just about anything else. The Zeus sells for $20.
Is that any better than, say, a dual-plug cable like this one from Nkomax?
Actually, the latter lets you charge two devices simultaneously, so it's
probably the more logical choice. Whatever you decide: one cable is better
than two!

A good gripper
The Ungrip is the kind of product that helps prevent accidental phone drops.
Photo by Rick Broida/CNET 
Travel means a lot of phone handling. It's in and out of your pocket or
purse all day; it's clutched for dear life while you dash to catch your
flight. All that hustle and bustle greatly increases the risk of dropping
your phone -- and that could sour your trip right quick.
Solution: Get a better grip on your phone. There are a variety of products
-- most priced under $20, many under $10 -- that stick to the back of your
phone or case and give you a much more secure grip. I'm partial to the Ninja
Loop (about $5) and Ungrip (about $10), which are notable for their
versatility and comfort, respectively.

A good pen
This pen is mightier than, well, other pens.
Ace Teah 
Wait, a pen? Yeah, you know: that thing you write with sometimes. How can a
pen make travel easier? When it's also a stylus. And a kickstand.
Like this one: the Ace Teah 3-in-1. A longtime favorite of mine, this
thick-barreled pen is not only comfy to write with, but also nice to, er,
stylus with. (Flip it over and you can use the capacitive tip to scribble on
your screen.) Better still, it has a built-in phone stand that can even
accommodate a phone in a case. Now you've got a way to prop up the screen
when you want to watch a movie or read a book. A mere six bucks buys you a
pack of six pens in assorted happy colors.

A car mount
Traveling by car? For long trips in particular, when you're likely to be
relying on navigation apps, listening to podcasts and so on, it's critical
to keep your phone out of your lap or center console and up near eye level.
That's not only for easier screen access, but also for safety.
I'm partial to magnetic mounts, but there are a lots of different options.
Check out this roundup of three ways to dashboard-mount your phone.
What phone-related travel accessories do you consider essential? Share your
picks in the comments!

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