Hello Everyone,

When I create a new appointment in the native iOS Calendar app, on my 8
Plus, there does not seem to be a way of customizing the appointment
reminder alerts.  

For example, I would like an alert reminder for 4 days.  However, in the
app, the options go from 2 days to 1 week.

Question, is there a way to customize the appointment reminder alert from
within the native iOS Calendar app, itself?

I ask this because, if I create an iCloud calendar appointment via Microsoft
Outlook, I can customize the alerts to anytime I like.

Sometimes, I'll create the appointment on my phone, when out-and-about, then
modify it, later, when I'm back at home, using Outlook on my Windows PC.  It
would be nice to skip this second step, if possible.  

Just so you know, the iOS app honors any alert settings set via MS Outlook.

Thank you,


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