Hello everyone,

I have the iPhone SE, 32 gig model. I have the latest version of IOS. 
And T-Mobile is my cell phone provider.

I have had a few instances now where my iPhone has froze, for seemingly 
no reason at all. Tonight when it froze, I was attempting to text a 
friend of mine. I was dictating the message, and after I put part of the 
message in, the phone seemed to freeze up, when I went to continue 
dictating the message.

I thought it would correct itself, as it usually does. But I ended up 
having to hold down the home button and the power button, and reboot it 
this way.

However, it didn't start up on it's own right a way. It took a couple of 
minutes, at least.

This morning when attempting to call a number I hadn't called before, 
every time I tried to dial the number, the phone would freeze up. So I 
don't know what was going on there. But after it would freeze up, if I 
waited about 30 seconds, the phone would be fine.

Another time this happene

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