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> From: Sandy Tomkins <>
> Date: 5 April 2018 at 08:59:55 IST
> To: viph...@googlegroups.comv
> Subject: Fwd: Using the App with Smart Glasses?
> Hallo the list!
>     Below, please ignore the first couple of messages, they are just my 
> sorting with Idan from Right-Hear, if it would be OK to share our messages on 
> open VIP lists. 
>     If you have not heard of the free app right-hear (note the spelling of 
> hear, as  with listening), it connects your phone, via Bluetooth, with 
> Beacons set up in public fora. These beacons contain info as to how far away 
> a given point of interest is. So, perhaps, in a shopping mall, you might 
> point your phone around you and hear "Waitrose" or "lift" etc. So, it works a 
> bit like Blind Square, but in a smaller, more precise way, for indoor 
> navigation. There are a couple of interviews on BlindBargains, one from CSUN 
> 2017, which is very good!
>     My particular interest is to discover, were I to buy some Bluetooth, 
> Camera, Glasses, which will pair with my phone, can I get this info directly 
> into my ear, without needing to hold my phone, selecting directional info by 
> moving my head.
>     i am passing this on to the list here in case anyone is interested in 
> playing with this concept and, perhaps, people who are already using these 
> sorts of smart glasses, might you try them with the app?
>     Anyway, please take a look at our exchange and let me know what you 
> think. I am working on the basis that smart camera glasses, with bluetooth 
> and Audio, may be the next alternative to a Watch.
> Sandy. 
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>> From: Idan Meir - RightHear <>
>> Date: 4 April 2018 at 08:24:43 IST
>> To: Sandy Tomkins <>
>> Subject: Re: Using the App with Smart Glasses?
>> Dear Sandy,
>> Sorry for the long delay in responding.
>> Sure, please feel free to share our emails with VIP lists. Raising more 
>> interest and awareness is totally on our interest :)
>> I agree, usually, mainstream products are more often updated and obviously 
>> more cost-effective.
>> Please let me know if you get a chance to buy it as I'd love to hear your 
>> feedback on it.
>> At the moment, our app only supports Estimote beacons (which are the most 
>> popular in the market), but we are planning to support more types of beacons 
>> in the future.
>> At the end of the day, it is just a manner of priority in R&D... that's it :)
>> Sandy, please consider me as a friend of yours and if you have any 
>> questions/suggestions - don't hesitate to email me... even if it takes me 
>> some time to reply.... oops! :)
>> Happy Easter / Passover!
>> Idan
>>> On 26 March 2018 at 11:02, Sandy Tomkins <> 
>>> wrote:
>>> Idan,
>>>     Thank you, your response was so positive, I am feeling hopeful and 
>>> inspired! Would it be acceptable to you were I to forward our emails to 
>>> some of the VIP lists that I frequent? I think this could raise even more 
>>> interest, not only here in Ireland, but elsewhere round the world too!
>>>     I do hope to buy a set of the PivotHead Smart Glasses as soon as I can 
>>> find a distributor who will ship to me in Ireland. What I think is their 
>>> main attraction is the fact that they are mainstream, and so, less 
>>> expensive than their Adaptive Technology counterparts. Plus, they are more 
>>> likely to be updated, re their software, more regularly. 
>>>     A further question for you, will the Right-Hear app be able to pick up 
>>> info from other bluetooth beacons which may be installed in public areas? 
>>> This could be a very useful addition to your suite of features.
>>>     Thanks again, I shall await your permission to forward our exchange.
>>>     Best wishes, Sandy.  
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>>>> On 26 Mar 2018, at 04:07, Idan Meir - RightHear <> 
>>>> wrote:
>>>> Oh, I have almost forgotten:
>>>> If there is any specific public place in your area (no matter the size) 
>>>> that you'd like us to turn into an accessible environment with our 
>>>> solution, please ask them to contact us and mention your name. 
>>>> We promise to give them 3 months free of the service, just because they 
>>>> have been referred to us by you.
>>>> Keep in touch,
>>>> Idan
>>>>> On 26 March 2018 at 04:43, Idan Meir - RightHear <> 
>>>>> wrote:
>>>>> Dear Sandy,
>>>>> Thanks a lot for this email, I love getting such emails from users all 
>>>>> around the world.
>>>>> We are very interested in having RightHear operating on smart glasses as 
>>>>> the issue of both hands occupied by the can/guiding dog and the 
>>>>> smartphone - is very familiar to us.
>>>>> PivotHead seems to be a great product although, I must admit that we 
>>>>> haven't heard about them before.
>>>>> Thanks for teaching me something new here - and we'll research a little 
>>>>> bit more about it.
>>>>> If you will actually have it - please let me know as I'd love to hear 
>>>>> your feedback about it.
>>>>> Anyway, I can share with you that we are researching the possibility of 
>>>>> having RightHear operating on other Smart Glasses as well.
>>>>> We designed RightHear to be easy to implement in any sort of environment, 
>>>>> and therefore, while it is absolutely possible to install it in a private 
>>>>> use-case (apartment for example) - we are mostly focused on larger public 
>>>>> spaces.
>>>>> One of our mottos in the company is that our users don't need to pay for 
>>>>> the world to be accessible. Because of that, we are avoiding sales to 
>>>>> private individuals... but, if you feel like it will help you 
>>>>> specifically somehow, please let me know and I'll see what we can do.
>>>>> The accuracy is better than GPS, but as you can understand it is based on 
>>>>> Bluetooth and therefore, it also depends on the environment. 
>>>>> Yes, the beacons are weatherproof and can be installed outdoors.
>>>>> If you have any more questions - please let me know.
>>>>> I'd love to keep in touch!
>>>>> Idan
>>>>>> On 24 March 2018 at 12:25, Sandy Tomkins <> 
>>>>>> wrote:
>>>>>> Sent from The dark side of the moonHi Idan,
>>>>>>     I was just listening to your interview, at the CSUN exhibition, 
>>>>>> thence, I was prompted to listen to the first interview from CSUN 2017. 
>>>>>> I am impressed! I have 2 wuestions for you:
>>>>>> 1. I am interested in buying some form of smart glasses, I am totally 
>>>>>> blind, so, am interested in the type of glasses that use cameras to 
>>>>>> record and or stream video. Hopefully, in time, object recognition will 
>>>>>> get fast enough to tell me what is in my immediate environment et 
>>>>>> cetera. I am not interested in the type of smart glasses which enhance 
>>>>>> my vision, as I have none. I am wondering, will I be able to use the 
>>>>>> bluetooth capability of such glasses to link with the app either on my 
>>>>>> phone or directly loaded onto the glasses? The advantage would be that 
>>>>>> your app would become hands free and following direction, compass 
>>>>>> directions that is, more easily, by the direction of my head, instead of 
>>>>>> having to point the phone. This would not only be more useful, being 
>>>>>> already encumbered with a dog or a cane, but, also, I would be much less 
>>>>>> vulnerable to phone mugging! I am considering buying the pivotHead Smart 
>>>>>> Sunglasses, from PivotHead. These have been used, by Microsoft, to 
>>>>>> develop some software for the IOS platform, with visually impaired  
>>>>>> people in mind, such as Seeing AI and SoundScape. I feel that using 
>>>>>> glasses such as these could take your product to the next level of 
>>>>>> usability. I should mention that they are internet connected and have 
>>>>>> built in sound, plus a small touch pad for simple swipes etc.
>>>>>> 2. I note that your emphasi, for the installation of right-hear, is 
>>>>>> toward large venues. I am wondering, how possible would it be for an end 
>>>>>> user, such as myself, to install the system, for example in my local 
>>>>>> area? Or for people, who live in apartments, who need to locate specific 
>>>>>> things, such as the rubbish bins or the post box? How expensive would it 
>>>>>> be? Are the Beacons waterproof, so that they can be installed outside? 
>>>>>> Could I put one on my gate, for example? You may be wondering "why 
>>>>>> doesn't she use GPS?" At the moment, GPS accuracy is sometimes 
>>>>>> problematical, where I live, in rural Ireland, I am lucky to have 30, or 
>>>>>> on a good day, 15 metres accuracy, I am hoping that the Bluetooth 
>>>>>> Beacons are a lot more accurate than that!?
>>>>>>     Si, Idan, I do hope you can answer my questions and, also, let me 
>>>>>> know if there is a way to get your system installed in some venues here 
>>>>>> in Ireland.
>>>>>>     I do hope to hear from you, Sandy. 
>>>>> -- 
>>>>> Idan Meir
>>>>> Co-Founder & CEO
>>>>> Mobile: +972545351480   |   Skype: idan_meir   |   Linkedin 
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>>>> -- 
>>>> Idan Meir
>>>> Co-Founder & CEO
>>>> Mobile: +972545351480   |   Skype: idan_meir   |   Linkedin 
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>>>> | Facebook | Twitter |  Media-Kit  |  +972-545351480
>> -- 
>> Idan Meir
>> Co-Founder & CEO
>> Mobile: +972545351480   |   Skype: idan_meir   |   Linkedin 
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