Below I have copied the entire Seeing AI help. To read it section by section, 
in the app, Double Tap on the menu button and select Help.
Or, in each channel, the Quick Help button plays the video by the developer 
explaining that specific channel.
Here is the help information, though the "play video" lines should be ignored 
as they are only active when in the app's help section.

Seeing AI

Seeing AI describes the people, text, and objects around you.

Using your phone’s camera, the app says what it "sees". Seeing AI uses multiple 
channels to announce different information, such as reading text or describing 

On some channels, Seeing AI will automatically read what it sees. Other times 
you may need to take a photo to get a description of the image.

To help you position your phone for the best results, Seeing AI can also 
describe where people or objects are in the camera’s field of vision. This 
feature isn’t available for all channels.

Seeing AI is an ongoing research project. To help us to improve it, please send 
your feedback.

[cid:] Play the video tutorial<>

Available Channels
[Carousel showing available channels]
Short Text

Hold the camera over some text to have it automatically read to you. As new 
text comes into view, it will also be read out loud.

While reading out loud, Seeing AI may start again from the beginning if the 
camera captures a clearer image of the text.

[cid:] Play the video tutorial<>


Hold the camera over a printed page to capture it. After the text has been 
recognized, you can use VoiceOver commands to navigate it.

Seeing AI will guide you with camera placement until all edges of a document 
are visible and the photo is taken. Make the necessary adjustments until you 
hear “Hold steady”.

A good technique is to place the camera in the center of the page, and slowly 
move it away, making slight adjustments.

This channel works best when there’s a high contrast between the page and the 
background, like a white document on a dark surface .

Once the text has been recognized, use the play button to have the text read 
aloud, with syncronized word highlighting. Use the plus and minus buttons to 
change the size of the text.

[cid:] Play the video tutorial<>


Hold the camera over a barcode to hear the product name. Seeing AI will guide 
you with the camera placement until a barcode is detected:

  *   Move the phone over the product until you hear beeps that indicate a 
barcode is nearby. Starting farther away and slowly moving the phone closer 
works best.
  *   The faster the beeps, the closer you are to the barcode.
  *   When a barcode is detected, Seeing AI will say the product name.
  *   If additional information about the product is available, the More Info 
button will be available.

Note: This channel is not available if running iOS 10 on an iPhone 5, 5C, or 

[cid:] Play the video tutorial<>


Scan your surroundings to find out how many people are around you, how close 
they are, and their facial expressions.

If you’ve taught the app to recognize a particular person, their name will be 
announced when they come into view. You can teach Seeing AI to recognize 
someone by selecting Face Recognition in the menu.

Seeing AI will also tell you the position of each face it detects, which can be 
helpful for centering a person in the camera’s view when taking a photo.

After taking a photo, Seeing AI will give you an estimate of the person’s 
facial characteristics and expressions.

If you want to take a selfie, use the button on the main screen to change to 
the front-facing camera.

[cid:] Play the video tutorial<>

Teaching Seeing AI to Recognize Someone

When using the Person channel, Face Recognition can tell you who is near you. 
Instead of hearing, “One face near center, 4 feet away” you’ll hear their name: 
“John near center, 4 feet away”.

It’s recommended that you ask people for permission before you train Seeing AI 
to recognize them. To teach Seeing AI to recognize a person’s face, open Face 
Recognition in the menu. Take three photos of the person and enter their name. 
We suggest asking them to take the photos of themselves.

By default, the front-facing camera is active when using Face Recognition. If 
you're taking photos of someone else, switch to the back-facing camera.

Currency (preview)

This is an experimental channel, so please use caution. Currency recognition 
isn’t always correct, have someone you trust confirm a note’s value.

Hold the camera over a single note to hear the estimated value.

Use the button on the main screen to select which currency should be 
recognized. Let us know if you wish to recognize a currency that isn't listed — 
more will be added over time.

Please note: Seeing AI will not differentiate between real and counterfeit 

This channel requires iOS 11 or later.

[cid:] Play the video tutorial<>

Scene (preview)

This channel features the latest Artificial Intelligence for describing an 
overall scene. This work is still experimental, so please use caution.

Take a photo and hear a description of the scene it captured.

Scene recognition isn’t always correct. To help us improve it, please send us 
your feedback.

[cid:] Play the video tutorial<>

Color (preview)

Use this channel to hear the perceived color of objects.

Note that this may depend on several factors — colors appear darker when there 
is less light, or if the object is in shadow; a white surface may appear 
slightly yellowish when the lights are on.

Handwriting (preview)

This experimental channel allows you to recognize handwritten text.

Note that this channel requires the text to be the right way up.

Recognition accuracy will vary based on handwriting style, which can vary 
greatly from individual to individual. Please send us your feedback to help us 
improve it.


Use this channel to detect the amount of light around you. The pitch of the 
tone is based on how much light your phone sees. The more light there is, the 
higher the pitch of the tone.

Use Seeing AI With Other Apps

Seeing AI can also recognize and describe photos from other apps like Mail, 
Photos, and Twitter. Just share the photo and select "Recognize with Seeing AI" 
from the list of actions.

The first time you do this, you will have to enable this option by tapping on 
“More” in the bottom-right corner, and enabling Seeing AI.

[cid:] Play the video tutorial<>

Tips & Tricks

  *   The larger the object, the further away you will need to be. The closer 
you are, the higher the quality.
  *   The camera is located on the back of the phone, on the top-right when the 
screen is towards you. For best results, keep the camera in the center of the 
object being captured.
  *   Seeing AI works best in a well-lit environment. It will automatically 
turn on the flash if needed.
  *   You can pause the live guidance by using the pause button on the main 
screen. Note, however, that the camera is still running, and thus using 
battery. Lock your phone if you won’t be using the app for an extended period.
  *   You can change the voice, and how fast it speaks, within settings. If 
using Voice Over, use the Accessibility section in the main Settings app.

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