Hello everyone,

I have some questions regarding the iPhone voices. I am not trying to 
possibly start something here by asking these questions. I would just 
honestly like to know peoples thoughts on the matter.

Alright, for quite a while I used the voice of Alex. It seemed the 
clearest to me, and the loudest.

However, I recently switch to the enhanced voice of Tom. I like it 
alright. But I think I might like the voice of Alex better. Besides the 
fact that he breathes. That is different!

Anyway, I am currently using Ayva. I like her. But the voice almost 
seems too soft. I can't exactly put in to words what I mean by this.

Anyway if I turn up my phone too much, then any voice seems distorted. 
The 1 thing I used to like about my Android, was that the voice I used 
was louder, and clearer.

But maybe it's this phone, or the case, or a number of reasons. I just 
don't know.

Do you all have any thoughts?


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