Not like it used to be. Thankfully, you could read all the items in your cart, 
which had been a problem before when I could read the first few items, but then 
it’s skipped to the end of what I had, and so had to scroll backwards a few 
lines at a time to get a semblance of what else was there. However, when in 
promotional items, and if you went to a particular one, and added one to your 
cart, it could take a little doing since you can’t scroll through many items at 
a time, to find where you left off in the list.

The fun really began at checkout time: as was my previous problem, I could 
select the date, but not the order time, which proved to be the case when I 
went to the website. I then tried turning voiceover off, and double tapping 
time I wanted. It worked. I wish they would just have links for the times the 
way they used to; I’m not really sure what the enabled and disabled arrows are 
supposed to do.  For my substitutions, when I wasn’t sure when I hit no 
substitutions that it was actually selected, since there was no feedback, I 
went into the customize area, and selected the third check box for each item, 
and was able to find out later that that third check box was correct, when it 
said “no substitutions, 11 items“. After my date and time were selected, I was 
able to add my promotional codes. Then, for “place order”, on the website, I 
couldn’t get that button to work, even turning voiceover off, trying a number 
of times. When I closed out of Safari and went back into the app, however, the 
place order button worked. I wanted to see if I could change The day and 
delivery time in the app: again, I had to turn voiceover off, hopefully double 
tap on the right place for selecting my time, and turn voiceover back on. I did 
this in the place where it says to edit pending orders, choosing the option 
where it says to edit date and time. This is no way to have to check out; I 
just wanted to do it to see if in any way it was possible to get through the 
order process.

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