Hi, where would I get that? I added the account through mail for Windows with 
it’s own app specific password. As of right now I’m stuck with a Windows 
computer. One thing I can try is deleting and logging back in.

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Where did you add the iCloud mail account? Did you do it directly and windows 
mail or through iCloud for windows? I would highly suggest using iCloud for 
windows, if that’s even still available. I don’t use windows so I really don’t 
know, but that would seem the best thing to try.

On Apr 16, 2018, at 9:52 PM, Maria Reyes 
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Hi all,
I posted this earlier, but I didn’t see any replies or I just missed them, but 
I’m trying to use iCloud Mail on my windows 10 laptop using the built in mail 
app. I have the account with an app specific password, however, when I try to 
send messages, they won’t send. I get an error email. I do have the address 
correct. Is there something I need to enable in my settings?

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