There has been a discussion on Applevis lately that some of you may have read 
and followed.

The topic I refer to is concerned with adding labels to images and their use 
with VoiceOver.

Packages like Envision AI and TapTapSee allow us to save an image along with 
the description obtained via the app.

This information is held in the Image Description field of an image and can be 
updated and changed by packages like ExifEditor and announced by VoiceOver.

One solution to the graphics labelling question that was posted on Applevis was 
to use the double-tap and hold method available with VoiceOver to write a 
description.  However if you modify the image with other software this label is 

So my question is this.  How are labels treated by Voiceover what criterion is 
used to determine the match between the object and its label.  Where are these 
object labels stored.

As an experiment I attached a VoiceOver label to a photograph and launched the 
Photos App on another iPhone and the label I applied using my first device was 
spoken by my second one.  So obviously this information was shared by both 

Any information gladly received.


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