Hi, if this keyboard doesn't have the function keys, what command to turn on/off voiceover, as it does with command key plus f5?
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Yup, the black webb has the number keys at the top of the keyboard where
number keys usually are, and these number keys double as controls when
you're listening to audio and video media, such controls as  play, rewind
and so on. It's a true apple keyboard so it doesn't have the function keys
that you would have on a window keyboard. This keyboard was designed to work
with the ipad mini, but it works so well with the se phones. We mainly
navigate on the screen with our fingers, but really like using this keyboard
with the phone. It's a very sturdy keyboard and is about the size of an ipad
mini. The things we like about it, the on and off switch, if the keyboard is
off, if you accidentally touch your keyboard it won't wake it up. For
example if you had the keyboard close by you at night,  and I want my $400
clock to just tell me the time, I just slide the little power button on, and
then you just use your back and forth arrow key so your $400 clock and
calendar can tell you the time and date from the clock and the calendar and
if you wake up enough to read email and get other notifications and more.

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