A little time ago, I asked a question on this list re a word I had read as one 
of the clues in an 
April 2013 puzzle in Seven Little Words.  The word was astrovolcano.
I received only one reply and that was from Bill Garrick who suggested that, 
perhapsan astrovolcano 
was a burst of light from outer space: akin to  the Arora Borealis/Australis:  
a very good 
suggestion but, I think, one, for all its merrits,  was wrong.
Upon further research, it seems to me that BlueOx who are, I believe, the 
developers of the game, 
made it up as I cannot find that actual word in Google.  The closest I can get 
is stratavolcano, the 
type of volcano that was, and, I think may still be, playing merry hell in 
BTW:  the solution to the astrovolcano clue is Alaska's Katmai, a nature 
reserve and bear/bison 
preservation area.


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