Will definitely do that.

On 6/30/2020 3:39 PM, Simon A Fogarty wrote:
HI Kenny,

Don't get me wrong here I think your idea has merit and should be looked into.

  There are so many possible options if it were up to me I'd want to have an 
electrical charge fire off and stun the scumbag as they ran away,

All I can say is work on it and see what you can come up with from your playing 
/ experimental investigations

Good luck and let us know how you get on.

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Yes, I do understand that screaming a specific phrase to trigger Siri Shortcuts 
would be problematic, especially when the perp is running away from you.

Guess I'm brainstorming some ideas to rely on Siri to protect me, and my iPhone 
when traveling alone.

These iOS Workflow shortcuts are really powerful. Using the ReddIt link
shared on this thread I'm learning more and more about them. Hope to
come up with something on my own I can share with the community.

On 6/29/2020 10:24 PM, Simon A Fogarty wrote:
Hi Kenny,

   I’m not going to say your crazy,
Because you're probably thinking of something others are also thinking of.

   How to do it would be the crazy thing!

   I'm personally thinking what you are looking to do must be possible but I'm 
not sure you could do it with a Hey siri shortcut request if the jerkoff that 
just grabbed your phone is doing a runner.

   And thinking that if I grabbed a mobile device and started running, I'd have 
it in one hand and that would be by my side as my arms pumped as runners do!

You would have road noise possibly to take in to consideration,
Other background noises
The runner might have put your phone in to their pocket to free hands or make 
themselves look les like a running scumbag!

And of course your idea of the photo of the face depends on if the phone is 
being looked at, which they would do I'm sure once they were away from anyone 
following them!

However if you have an apple watch especially one of the LTE models,
Could you not do some of this stuff from find my iphone via the watch?
Find my iPhone I've used to locate my watch from my phone so somewhat around 
the opposite way to what you are looking for,

   But you could trigger an alarm,
   Lock the phone or wipe it if needed,
   I'm not sure about photos but there must be something that could give you 
that ability,
Infact I think there is built in to the watch but it's from the phones camera 
so you can hold the phone up with the camera looking at something and view it 
on the watch screen!

The other thing is if you use a caine you could throw it at the scumbag like a 
javlyn / speer,
Or if it's a broken down in to sections folding cain, throw it at their legs as 
they run so it might trip them and then you could kick the shit out of them 
while they lye there trying to free themselves,

   Or if you use a dog, teach it to chase the bad guy like a police dog!
That one I'd like to see happen!

Sorry most of this isn't going to do what you are looking for but just some 
ideas looking from a somewhat different angle

Good luck and I hope you can figure something out
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Subject: Using iOS Shortcuts to Deputize Siri?

I'm not sure if this is possible, but I wanted to pose the question to the list 
to find out.

I own an iPhone 8 running iOS 13.5.1.

Here's the scenario. You're using your iPhone while waiting outside for
an Uber pickup, then a thief snatches it out of your hand. They take off
running. You have only a few seconds to react, but normally you start
screaming "STOP THIEF" or something too that affect immediately.

How about you could simply say the phrase "Hey Siri: STOP THIEF"

Then Siri would do the following on your iPhone:

1. Activate the front camera and take a picture.

2. Activate the back camera and take a picture.

3. Upload a copy of those photos to the iCloud linked to your account.

4. Set screen brightness to 0.

5. Lock phone and screen.

6. Disable fingerprint sensor, so only inputting the correct pin will
unlock the phone.

7. Play a loud pitch Siren or alert notification sound at the highest
volume level.

8. Continue to secretly take a photo every 30 - 60 seconds using the
front and back camera, and upload the photos to the iCloud, not
overwriting the other photos.

Now maybe I'm coming off here sounding like a lunatic, but I feel that
such a Shortcut would be nice to have just in case you encounter a
situation like this.

Can this be done? If so, what are the steps?

Also is there a site or blog featuring useful iOS shortcuts members have
freely contributed. Ones you can easily import to the Shortcuts app on
your iPhone?

Now I realize this list is filled with a bunch of people just looking
for a reason to ridicule member's who post any question they personally
deem as "Dumb." I'm hoping you will simply ignore/delete this thread and
don't even bother posting a reply if you happen to be one of them.

I'm not posting this question to be ridiculed, but too get informed.
Nothing more.



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